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Recommended Books

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If you only buy one book about Bitcoin, it should be
The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean Ammous.

The Bitcoin Standard is arguably the best book in the Bitcoin space. Economist, Ammous doesn't just take you on a journey of Bitcoin, but a journey down a history of monetary policy, and an education of Austrian Economics.

He explains in simplistic detail how Bitcoin is 'sound money' and how it is destined to become the central currency of the world. His argument is based on the fact that sound money cannot be inflated away, unlike government backed shitcoin fiat currencies.

He emphasizes the failures of all governments and how they inevitably will help with the success of Bitcoin. His idea that Bitcoin isn't a currency as such, but more a store of value and a network for settlements for now. Especially with the age of automation upon us, Bitcoin's true importance is it decentralization and immutability.

Andreas Antonopoulos