RiverMount, the Initial Coin Offering project


In 2007, the financial system had to face a crisis that affected the economy world-wide. Shortly after this event, the first platform for cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, launched in the network, as a solution to the crisis through blockchains. It was a new kind of technology that would open the borders between the countries for trading, eliminating that way the taxes and interest rates for currency exchange.

Since then, many other cryptocurrencies have made their way through the crypto market. All of them propose different options to become the leading cryptocurrency. Among them, the RiverMount company rises, setting the bases to launch the RiverMount ICO (Initial Coin Offering).


What is an ICO?

An Initial Coin Offering, known in short as ICO, is a cryptocurrency funding project using the Cloud platform, where investors can purchase the token offered from the company to help it get started and launched. Once the ICO reaches the goal amount that was set by the company, those investors would have the money they invested in the currency created.

Many cryptocurrency companies started this way, the first one of them being the Etherum. However, it has also served as a method to scam people, so many investors are wary whenever a new Initial Coin Offering appears.


The RiverMount ICO

The RiverMount company propose a blockchain project to work with a decentralised financial exchange. This project, known as the RM Protocol, would open the doors to a stable cryptocurrency, which is in this moment still volatile. The project would follow a three-step plan to achieve its final goals. 

The first step would consist of creating an app where the investors will be able to fund the project as an Initial Coin Offering Cloud Funding. The app will be called RM Funds. The RiverMount company assure their investors the return of their investments if the Soft Cap is not reached, and the platform fee would be paid as a donation to the Foundation only if the starting funds reaches and exceeds the minimum investment range.

The RM Protocol will also reward those investors that decide to take the chance with them, not only to validate and to refund the investment but also allowing them access to features such as POS (Proof of Stake), app viral/referral, and others.

This app is in the last processes of development and is expected to be active before the end of the current year.

The app will be available in seven different languages, the English being the primary language, and it will be on a peer-to-peer platform to provide security to their investors.



The RiverMount company is aiming high since the beginning with their Initial Coin Offering, proposing a project that could help the financial crisis and the trading issues by organising the decentralised exchange around the world. It will allow the investors to be involved in the process of the new way to trade and exchange, using a stable cryptocurrency that will be validated globally. The project should be launched in 2020 and could represent the advance of the cryptocurrency market.

Learn More at https://rivermount.io/