XRP worth an approximate $100 million moved as Bitcoin surges by 10%

Crypto community is enjoying the BTC bull ride as it breached the $11,000 mark. Bitcoin’s price surge became an opportunity for crypto enthusiasts and investors. WhaleAlert, the online cryptocurrency tracker, reported a transfer of funds worth 28,000,000 XRP in 10 drops from rs8ZPbYqgecRcDzQpJYAMhSxSi5htsjnza to rJb5KsHsDHF1YS5B5DU6QCkH5NsPaKQTcy. The transaction had a timestamp of 04:34:50 UTC, 5th August 2019. The hash for this transaction was B947C858193DB37F547DAFAD47DACA38F6037D0CD14CFC421A930BFDEB610B12. 

Approximately 3 hours after the above transaction, WhaleAlert, recorded another movement of 300,666,888 XRP in 10 drops. The transaction occurred on 5th August 2019, as per the data aggregation website, at 0730 UTC. The amount of XRP transferred in this transaction was equivalent to $96,222,344.

This transaction was recorded at exactly 07:38:10 UTC between the addresses rEy8TFcrAPvhpKrwyrscNYyqBGUkE9hKaJ [sender] and rs8ZPbYqgecRcDzQpJYAMhSxSi5htsjnza [receiver] with a hash of unDC7F725BB052CFE71C4C48337818A2398CC0C5C4D2F3E2259D5E0F8C4676D32D. Read More at AMBCrypto...

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