XRP Ultra Bullish Scenario: What’s Ahead For XRP’s Price If It Is Classified As A Commodity?

Ripple’s XRP has been languishing below the psychological $0.30 level for the last couple of months. Ripple’s woes worsened after class-action lawsuits were filed against Ripple by early investors who claimed the company sold them unregistered securities.

This confusion around XRP’s classification is likely making some potential investors wary of the asset. But what if XRP was finally classified as a commodity putting to rest all the ongoing lawsuits, how high could the price of XRP rise?

The XRP Ultra Bullish Scenario

XRP has recovered from recent lows to $0.232639 at press time. However, its status remains a grey area. Even though the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) officials have announced publicly that rival ethereum is a commodity, they have remained disturbingly quiet on XRP’s status. Read More...

Ultra Bullish Scenario


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