XRP Becomes More Decentralized: Almost 80% Of Nodes Run By Third-Party Entities

Almost 80% of XRP Ledger validators are not related to Ripple. The San Francisco startup has been working in order for the XRP Ledger to become more decentralized over time. Just seven of the 34 of the unicode node list (UNL) validators are owned by Ripple.

There have been several crypto enthusiasts that claim that XRP is a centralized cryptocurrency. One of the reasons they give is related to the large participation that Ripple has on the XRP Ledger as a validator.

Nevertheless, things seem to be changing. According to the Validator Registry around 20% of the validators are related to Ripple. The remaining 80% of the nodes are run by third-party entities.

These validators are very important for the whole ledger. They allow for transactions to be processed and consider them valid. Thus, if a transaction wants to be sent twice (double-spending) validators would not approve it. Read More...


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