Btrz_JokerBTC_728x90_en.gif (XPT Coin) Listed on Oviex Cryptocurrency Exchange as at 19th November 2020 listed XPT/USDT trading pairs on 2020/11/19 13:00 GMT+8

Oviex proclaims listing XPT/USDT trading pairs, which is the second cryptocurrency exchange that XPT listed right after XPT had successfully listed on Vindax Cryptocurrency Exchange since the launching of XPT. Cryptocurrency users and/or traders are able to access embarking on 19/11/2020 at 13.00 GMT+8 to buy XPT using stablecoin USDT. The listing price of XPT is US$0.80, which is the splendid price that active cryptocurrency users and/or traders have been enthusiastically yearning for! Hence, do not miss out the chance of buying XPT at its listing price! Quick access into XPT/USDT trading page could be done easily by clicking the link as follow: XPT/USDT Oviex Trading Market.

Preamble of (XPT Coin) DeFi Blockchain Staking Pool Mining Cryptocurrency

The total supply of XPT is 200,000,000. However, in the beginning, the total circulation of XPT is only available up to 30%, which is 60,000,000 XPT. The rest 70% (140,000,000 XPT) is maintained as reserves for both active and passive cryptocurrency users and/or traders to mine. Other than the ordinary way of trading XPT with a view to gain profits from the price gap, currently advocates “Stake Mining Reward Approach” to facilitate all the cryptocurrency users and/or traders earning and mining the precious XPT (70% as mentioned above) more effectively and efficiently. This approach welcomes and motivates all levels of cryptocurrency users and/or traders, ranging from the newbies to the pros, by allowing them actively and passively mining XPT at the same time. Under this approach, it eases the mining process of XPT with more time-saving, more efficient and more rewarding for those who are enthusiastically becoming the miners of XPT! By having this intellectual approach contributed by, it allows cryptocurrency users and/or traders to coordinate and integrate their assets and resources in order to reap further potentially higher profits and wealth accumulation in the blockchain network. Cryptocurrency users and/or traders would have a very fresh, contented and delightful experience engaging with “Stake Mining Reward Approach” as they would gain the pleasure of getting rewards by involving passively! To have in-depth insights regarding XPT and its stake mining reward approach, contact our liaison and community leader on Telegram: @janice_xpt and @jessy_xpt. – The Global Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange is an cryptocurrency exchange established in 2016 and headquartered in Malta, the centre of the Mediterranean in Europe. has committed to become one of the leader cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It provides a distinct spot trading market where traders and investors trade, store, transfer and channel cryptocurrency resources. The crucial vision and mission of is to enable the accessibility of cryptocurrency users and/or traders to blockchain financial services online with multiple levels of high security to safeguard the authorised users with their account activities, protect private and confidential information and ensure smooth and highly secure trading processes.

The Performance and Value Forecast of XPToken

XPT is successfully listed in Vindax cryptocurrency exchange. With the well-structured, organised coordination and strong establishment of XPT backed by the competent manpower and market confidence, the price of XPT has grown gradually from US$0.80 to US$1.06, recorded a rise of 32.5% which is within the forecast and market expectation. Now, everyone is accessible to view and scrutinise the performance and trading graph of XPT by visiting Vindax at

Vindax is a digital asset exchange platform founded in March 2019, headquartered in Vietnam. This platform was established to offer features such as facilitating trading and data analytics, as well as integrating trade signalling for entries and exits. Community are Growing Worldwide

Apart from the competently tactical, technical and knowledgeable manpower and structured support, the community of XPToken has been growing tremendously globally. With current and favourable prospects as well as future sustainable growth prediction, community in countries such as China, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia grows gradually. The intellectual, dedicated, passionate and ambitious community is integrated and united into the official group on Telegram at This official group is formed for the purpose of intimate contact of the community nationwide, enabling the community to communicate, exchange and share the news, facts, ideas, views and opinions, especially on their respective country information and condition, with a consensus and mutual interest to strengthen and enhance the sustainability of XPT as the common and inevitable cryptocurrency in the world. For instance, community in Indonesia has established its official community group at Furthermore, possesses its official Facebook Page XPToken and Twitter @XPTokenOfficial as the medium for official news and announcements.

Last but not least, do not miss out the opportunity to know and explore further. Grab the chance to join as community!

Engage with the liaison and community leader: @janice_xpt and @jessy_xpt.

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