Wyckoff Logic Suggests Bitcoin Markdown Has Only Just Begun

At the end of September 2019, Bitcoin broke down from a triangle pattern that it had been trading in throughout the summer months, putting an end to a rally that first began in the Spring.

The entire cycle from Bitcoin’s bear market bottom all the way to the recent top, appear to follow Wyckoff’s distribution model. And if that’s what is playing out in Bitcoin markets, the markdown phase of the first-ever crypto asset may have only just gotten started, and much lower prices may be ahead.

Bitcoin in 2019: The Perfect Example of the Wyckoff Method?

Richard Wyckoff was a world-renowned stock trader and author of a number of famous trading books. His success was based on the principle that markets were cyclical and went through four distinct phases at different times.

The four different phases according to the Wyckoff method, are accumulation, markup, distribution, and markdown. Read More...


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