World's First BTC/USDT Trade on a DEX has been Accomplished

The development team, X9 Developers and their accomplishment marks the beginning of a new and much improved way of trading cryptocurrencies. The team is behind the first ever Lightning DEX, and are the first to achieve a non-client Lightning Swap from BTC to USDT on a DEX with a CEX-like user interface.

This means that for the first time ever, Bitcoin and Ethereum chains have been officially connected over their respective second layers. Trades can be live monitored on the DEX stat page by clicking here.

For the first time ever, regular users will be able to instantly trade or swap cryptocurrencies with low fees on pairs such as BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, BTC/ETH, and many, many more, fully decentralized with a pro-trader interface as we know it from the centralized exchange experience, as well as through a Uniswap-style one-click swaps for non-pro traders.

The development team is preparing trading bots to stress test BTC/USDT, which will showcase the DEX's capabilities in handling high tx/sec utilizing the Bitcoin Lightning Network, ETH L2, and the newly added Connext client to compete with centralized exchanges. Read More

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