Willy Woo: A Bitcoin Will Be Worth Millions Of Dollars One Day

On-chain Bitcoin price analyst Willy Woo says he expects Bitcoin to reach millions of dollars a bitcoin over time.

Willy Woo was speaking on the Crypto Gathering event sharing a panel with technical analyst Peter Brandt when he made his bullish prediction.

This prediction comes just weeks after he revised his 2021 price prediction to $300k and even explained Bitcoin at $1 million this year ‘should not be ridiculed’.

Woo explained how Bitcoin’s fundamentals would ensure its market cap would pass gold’s $10 trillion and ultimately end up at millions of dollars per bitcoin.

‘Once you get a glimpse of something that’s easy to access like Bitcoin without the trouble of holding assets like real estate, it’s going to take a big chunk out of that,’ explained Woo.

‘There’s no way Bitcoin is going to stop at the market cap of gold, which is $10 trillion, it’s going to go a lot higher, which means that we’re going to be going into the millions of dollars per coin, which is hard to believe right now but if you look at the sheer fundamentals and stretch it off over the long term, that’s how cheap Bitcoin is today.’ Read More

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