Will PlanB’s Stock-To-Flow Model Deliver On Bitcoin Price Prediction?

Bitcoin price predictions vary from zero to prices so high few of us find it hard to comprehend. And no price predicting model is as popular or as critiqued as PlanB’s Stock-to-Flow.

But will the S2F model deliver on its Bitcoin price prediction? Or is the pseudonymous analyst injecting us all with a serious dose of hopium?

As of now, the model is perfectly on track, and the model’s creator, pseudonymous quant analyst, PlanB, recently doubled down his conviction, tweeting he had ‘no doubt whatsoever’ that the S2F model would deliver.  

PlanB said the S2F model was on track, and would meet his Bitcoin price prediction of somewhere between $100k and $288k by December 2021. ‘IMO 2021 will be spectacular,’ were PlanB’s last words on the matter.

What is The Bitcoin Stock-to-Flow?

The Bitcoin Stock-to-flow is a price analytical model that leverages Bitcoin’s stock and flow. The ‘stock’ to ‘flow’ is determined by evaluating the number of years it would take to mine the circulating supply at the current production rate. Read More

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