Will Blockchain Technology Disrupt or Rebuild the Banking & Financial Sector?

This May 20th, Blackarrow Conferences brings together more than 25 blockchain experts to discuss and debate the adoption and implementation of blockchain technology in banking & financial services.

The Disruption: The financial industry today faces a potential disruptor and it comes in the form of applications involving blockchain technology. Large financial institutions, such as investment banks, central banks, stock exchanges, and securities markets, are all beginning to experiment on their own blockchain-based solutions in order to get ahead with the adoption of this technology. Many financial experts see this as a ‘must do’ or ‘be left behind’ scenario.

This sentiment is well echoed by Magnus Jones, Nordic Blockchain & Innovation Lead at Ernst Young, he says “I believe the mechanisms of DeFi will be a game-changer for the financial industry. Not necessary by the protocols that are out there today alone. But rather in addition that the financial industry will create its own protocols. These mechanisms will facilitate a totally new ecosystem where we will see swifter transactions, more transparency, and better interest rates. If banks do not wake up, other players like crypto exchanges will for sure take the opportunity to offer these kinds of services. This could potentially lead to a big shift within the industry.” Read More