Will Bitcoin Become Worthy Investment Thesis for ‘Crypto-Curious’ Institutional Investors?

Over the past few years, there has been increased interest regarding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. What was earlier a disruptive form of currency endorsed by tech enthusiasts is now gaining traction in the corridors of institutional finance. Bitcoin’s status as a store of value asset increased global uncertainty, with a maturing cryptocurrency ecosystem also contributing to an increase in interest and adoption. Anchorage CEO Nathan McCauley, on the latest edition of the Unqualified Opinions podcast, spoke about the growth of crypto’s significance with respect to institutional buyers and the current macroeconomic environment. He highlighted that cryptocurrencies on the whole progress as they encounter more use cases. He said, “Crypto gets further by increasing store of value, increased medium of exchange, increased unit of account. Having tangible ways to use this across a broad range of different use cases just helps the whole ecosystem overall.” Read More...

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