Why the 'Coinbase Effect' on Crypto is a Temporary High

Does a Coinbase listing ensure a coin will increase in price? It can, but those gains can also be short-lived, according to data from Coin Metrics.

In brief

  • Coinbase listings have long been hailed as price boosters for cryptocurrency valuations.

  • But data from Coin Metrics shows that, if price increases occur at all, they are often short-lived.

  • While quick gains might be had within the first week or so, broader crypto market trends often prevail long term.

“When Coinbase?” This rhetorical question is a relic from the 2017 cryptocurrency bull run, when it was a foregone conclusion that coins listed on Coinbase would surge in price. And while the potential for the “Coinbase effect” to boost prices still persists among some crypto traders, it’s something they might want to look more closely at if they really want to chase and catch profits, according to a new report from data analysts at Coin Metrics. Read More...

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