Why Does the Crypto Community Actually Not Care About Mass Adoption?

Most cryptocurrency fans care deeply about adoption. Until they experience it, at least.

As someone living in one of the premier cryptocurrency hotspots in the world, I’ve seen people react with wonder when hearing about just how much you can actually spend your digital coins in the real world. People talk about it on podcasts, conference panels, write articles, and so on.

This is the amazing thing we’ve all been waiting for: real use. Then something strange happens with many. They experience it firsthand. Initially blown away, eventually they lose that enthusiasm, sometimes even getting a bit jaded. What happened? Did they believe something that experience later told them was a lie? Well, not exactly, no. The truth is that moving cryptocurrency adoption forward is far less glamorous than it sounds, and the reality replaces a far more attractive fantasy.

Achieving adoption means you can’t dream about it anymore

The problem with achieving mass adoption is that it replaces fantasy with reality. For some this may be seen as the entire goal of adoption, but think for a moment the place that dreaming of a crypto-heavy world occupies in the mind of an average fan. When speaking about the technology and its potential, it’s fun to imagine how it will be used. When talking about why the price will go up, it’s great to visualize everyone using it for payments.

There’s a dream to look forward to, a dream which always seems shinier and more fantastic than any reality that can exist. Once the dream becomes a reality, it will always look different and less fantastical than the imagination, and more importantly it’ll be simple mundane fact. Everyone uses it, the price moves proportionately, and now what is there to look forward to?

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