Who is Bitcoin Creator Satoshi? Libertarian Publication Presents Candidate

The crypto industry’s greatest mystery is the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin. Despite the many attempts to unveil his identity through an analysis of his writing, skills, and when he sent messages on online forums/e-mail, no one has come out with full conviction that someone is Satoshi. But, there is a multitude of candidates that fit the bill.

Libertarian publication Reason, whose tagline is fittingly “Free Minds and Free Markets”, recently proposed a candidate for the seat of Satoshi. This being Neal Stephenson, a sci-fi author and futurist. The magazine proposes that considering Stephenson’s love for cypherpunks and experience in the technology field, he could have theoretically been involved in Bitcoin from the get-go. Stephenson worked as an early employee of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin, for instance, and has written a number of books about cypherpunk-ness and even mentioned the ideas of math, money, and philosophy in tandem in a set of novels.

Reason reminds readers that this is more hypothetical than anything, but goes to show that really anyone can be Satoshi, even if their profession isn’t technology-centric or if their LinkedIn profile doesn’t read “philosophic thinker”. Indeed, according to some analyses of Satoshi’s code and as made apparent by the bugs of the original Bitcoin client, the godfather of the cryptocurrency revolution was purportedly not a skilled programmer, but sure did have the chops to make a decentralized digital asset set to change the world.

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