What would be the future of Bitcoin if Mark Carney heads IMF?

The cryptocurrency sphere is now wondering about the future of Bitcoin as France and Germany are rooting for, Mark Carney, the Governor of Bank of England to become the next head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Carney is expected to join IMF as a replacement for Christine Lagarde, the former head of IMF and a staunch advocate of the cryptocurrency principles.

The report has been released by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung that unlike Christine Lagarde, Mark Carney is not a supporter of cryptocurrency. He prefers fiat over the virtual currency of the new world. His remarks against Bitcoin (BTC) and Libra have been found to be proof enough.

The future of Bitcoin under Mark Carney lead IMF

Christine Lagarde could be heading the European Central Bank (ECB) as a replacement for Mario Draghi. Countries, several of them, are in favor of the former IMF head being the ECB head, and the hype about how things will be run is over the hill.

Christine Lagarde has been very open about cryptocurrencies and potentially how they will be revolutionizing the world. Her concerns over how these virtual coins affect the economy have led her to write an article titled “Winds of Change: The Case for New Digital Currency.” Read More at Cryptopolitan...


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