What to do when your crypto’s been stolen

Crypto’s so secure, they said. So trustless, so safe. You are your own bank. Well, now the bank’s been robbed and you’ve turned to Decrypt, perhaps the only thing there is left to trust in this broken world.

Perhaps someone hacked into your exchange account and bled your account dry; perhaps you sent crypto to someone posing as someone else, perhaps the company you invested in turned out to be a scam, and made off with the cash?

You’re not the only one: According to a 2019 report on cryptocurrencies by security company Kaspersky, almost a fifth (19 percent) of survey respondents said they’d been hacked on exchanges, and a further 15 percent said they were victims of cryptocurrency fraud.

We’ve quizzed lawyers, security experts, and world-class academics for their advice on what to do when your crypto’s been stolen—and gathered the accounts of victims so you can learn from their experiences. Read More...

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