Weiss Ratings Predicts High dApp Market Dominance For Cardano (ADA)

Weiss Ratings, a leading provider of ratings for cryptocurrencies, stocks and mutual funds, has once again endorsed Cardano’s ADA. In a recent tweet, Weiss comments on ADA and its practice of ensuring quality and high standards of the decentralized apps (dApps) it powers, predicting more demonstrable success in the sector.

According to the tweet:

“ADA’s commitment to high-assurance code and thorough testing before release means its dApps will rest atop a solid foundation. Emphasis on security while transitioning to PoS is unique to the project. These features may ensure its sustainability & market dominance.”

This adds to a history of the Weiss’ positive outlook for Cardano/ADA. Earlier in February, Weiss declared that Cardano was on the right track to surpass EOS at the time, as the most preferred platform for dApps, even adding that it was “cautiously optimistic.”

Just last month, Weiss again tweeted that:

“Cardano is one of the best projects in the space, and also one of the cheapest cryptos out there.” Led by Charles Hoskinson, Cardano largely stays away from the press and hype, keeping its focus deep into providing a ripe environment and climate for dApps.

Weiss Ratings is known for some of its proclamations like this and once again, based on reactions to the public statement, many are in agreement. .

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