Vitalik Buterin claims Google’s quantum supremacy no problem for crypto

After Google (finally) published results on Wednesday showing its quantum computer blow standard supercomputers out of the water on a task, all HODLers want to know is what it means for cryptocurrency.

After all, Bitcoin and Ethereum are built atop cryptographic algorithms that Google's quantum computer could theoretically render obsolete.

At least one person isn't worried. Practically lounging in a t-shirt and shorts, Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin told Angie Lau of Forkast News, "The world is not going to break tomorrow."

For one thing, he said, what Google has done is more like a proof of concept. Reiterating a tweet he made that day, Buterin likened what Google has achieved to the advent of hydrogen bombs 70 years ago, while noting that we still haven't figured out nuclear fusion as an everyday power source. "It proves that the ability to make a big boom exists. What it does not prove is the ability to harness that big boom to create things that are useful." Read More...

Ethereum's Vitalik doesn't think Google's quantum power is a worry for crypto

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