Vice President of Apple Pay Says: We think it’s [crypto] interesting

Today on the market, CNN reports on the vice president of Apple Pay, Jennifer Bailey, making some interestingly bullish comments about the future of crypto. Therefore, we are going to be focusing over this report and a recent spike in the google searches for Bitcoin.

Nothing should be considered financial or investment advice. Enjoy the ride.

Crypto Market News

The huge news in the market is that Binance trading is moving back into the U.S. after regulatory approval for select larger crypto assets. Although, I am personally more interested in Apple Pay’s vice president and what she thinks about the new emerging asset class.

In a recent interview, Bailey was more than optimistic about the future of crypto saying it has long-term potential. In addition, she mentioned that Apple was watching the market and blockchain industry closely. The Apple Pay branch of the company itself recently launched their own Apple card as they bridge more into the world of payments.

Likewise, companies like Square have been constantly hiring blockchain engineers and more than likely trying to experiment with blockchain development on their own end. Facebook is the other tech giant that everyone knows tried to launch their own currency, Libra, which was shortly halted due to congressional concerns. Clearly, the giants are all starting to access this industry more directly and wonder where they can get into the market.

Apple In Crypto

At the end of the day, Apple will more than likely try to enter this market at some point. If not on the payment processing side, Apple could offer to host crypto wallets that come native to their phones to test the waters so to speak. It would not make sense for any company to try and create their own currency similar to Libra after both Facebook and JP Morgan both have tried and seemingly failed thus far to do so thus far. That being said, both projects still are being developed.

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