US Military May Incorporate Blockchain in 2020

The U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) is expected to submit a report to Congress sometime this year, which demonstrates the way the US military can incorporate blockchain into their work.

Blockchain is finding its purpose in many different industries, including the old school ones such as military operations. Last year, two Asian countries vouched for blockchain’s potential in transforming their defense sectors.

In November, China found a unique way to motivate and reward its military personnel by using blockchain to assess their performances. Whereas, South Korea took to blockchain in April to safeguard confidential military documents and prevent them from getting stolen or manipulated.

US military to consider ways to incorporate blockchain

At CES 2020, conducted earlier this month in Las Vegas, the Washington DC-headquartered Value Technology Association (VTA), in putting together a presentation that prompted the DoD consider the benefits of blockchain and ways in which it can strengthen the US military operations, Jason Brett, VTA President, confirmed it in an interview with Coindesk recently.


US Military Looking at Blockchain


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