Up 15.1%, Ripple (XRP) Likely To Emulate BTC’s Performance

There is hype around Libra and Facebook’s Libra. Supporters argue that Ripple will weather through Libra disruption and cement its position as a cheaper alternative for the unbanked. Given the edge that Ripple as a platform has like speed, the entry of Libra will no doubt be a game changer.

However, countering Facebook’s broad base, Ripple will capitalize on their growing number of banks and payment processors. Aware that Libra could disrupt existing financial and money transfer landscape, Ripple could offer a way through.

MoneyGram is indisputably a selling point. Despite struggling with finances, leveraging xRapid will be the turnaround for MoneyGram investors. The option is speedy, efficient, and above all, equally beneficial for XRP investors in that demand will mostly stem from their operations.

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