Unknown Number of Major League Baseball Players Lured into Crypto Ponzi Scheme

Two men charged over an alleged crypto trading ponzi scheme lured investors, including professional baseball players, with social media posts boasting about their luxurious lifestyles.

On January 30, the Secret Service arrested the Arizona-based founders of Zima Digital Assets, John Michael Caruso, aged 28, and Zachary Salter, aged 27.

Caruso commonly refers to himself as "Krypto King" in social media posts and claims he’s been a cryptocurrency investor since 2012. He has a criminal history and was last released from prison in late 2017.

Salter is an aspiring R&B singer who releases music under the name "Sweet Talker."

Despite claiming no taxable income, the pair’s extravagant social media posts about their luxury good purchases helped draw in new investors.

They were charged with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering.

Unnamed MLB players caught up in scheme

The complaint alleges that Salter and Caruso defrauded more than 90 investors out of at least $7.5 million since June 2018. That figure includes an unknown number of former pro baseball players and senior citizens. Zima is still actively taking investments so the total amount lost is unknown. Read More...

Crypto Ponzi Scheme


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