Twitter Halts All Messages Showing BTC Addresses Following Hack

Following news of the recent bitcoin hack, Twitter has announced that it is banning all messages and tweets that post cryptocurrency addresses. Twitter Says “No” to Crypto Addresses The hack occurred roughly three days ago. Twitter – one of the largest and most prominent social media platforms across the globe – saw accounts for several high-profile individuals such as former president Barack Obama, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX Elon Musk hacked and overtaken by malicious actors who sought to get unsuspecting users and followers to forward their bitcoin to anonymous addresses. In all, only $121,000 in BTC funds have been stolen, which for the most part, isn’t that much, but Twitter isn’t taking any chances. The platform has announced that it will no longer be permitting tweets that post cryptocurrency addresses, and it’s already taking steps to ensure the ban is put in place. From here on out, people looking to post cryptocurrency addresses into their messages receive the following notice: Read More...

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