TRON’s JustSwap Will Revolutionize DeFi on the TRX Network

Justin Sun has on numerous occasions notified the crypto community on the upcoming launch of JustSwap. The latter will be the first decentralized token exchange protocol on Tron.

The launch fo JustSwap comes at a time when ETH gas fees have skyrocketed due to the DeFi boom on the Ethereum network. In one of his latest Tweets, Justin Sun pointed out the efficiencies of Tron over Ethereum as follows.

JustSwap Will Revolutionize DeFi on the Tron Network

With JustSwap about to be launched on the 18th of this month, it will allow users of the protocol to become liquidity providers. As part of their efforts, the said liquidity providers will earn trading fees and mining rewards thus providing incentives for more TRX and TRC20 holders to use JustSwap rather than going through the regular crypto exchanges that charge trading fees.

Furthermore, JustSwap will be a pivotal gateway for the Just (JST) DeFi project’s ecosystem. Users of Just use TRX as collateral to borrow USDJ. When paying the debt, users repay the USDJ in addition to a stability fee paid with the JST token. The latter two tokens are TRC20 tokens and JustSwap will be the perfect decentralized token exchange for Just (JST) users.

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