TRON dApp network under bot infestation: AnChain Report

Tron dApp network seems to be infected by the dApp bots, which inflate the usage statistics artificially.

A new startup AnChain aims to uncover the dApp bots. During the first quarter of 2019, the startup surveyed the top ten gambling dApps of TRON and found that an enormous number of bots are present there.

Around thirty-one percent (31%) of the surveyed accounts and nineteen-percent (19%) of the transactions were driven by the bots. This accounts for a massive two hundred and seventy million dollars ($207M) of dApp volume.

TRON dApp network not alone

For the critics of TRON, they might be tempted to report about the bot-driven Twitter traffic on the Twitter handle of TRON. However, AnChain is not highlighting any specific blockchain.

The startup previously revealed that about fifty-one percent (50%) of the surveyed accounts and seventy-five percent (75%) of transactions of EOS were bots-driven. The company is planning to examine Ethereum very soon.

The main goal of AnChain is the promotion of better data and ensuring transparency on all the blockchains. Although the firm makes suggestions and recommendations for the whole blockchain industry, however; it particularly focuses on the ratings sites. Read More...


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