Tron collaborates with Unikrn Wallet 2.0

Today Tron announced its partnership with Unikrn wallet 2.0. It is Tron’s first mainstream platform partner. Unikrn launched in 2014 is an esports betting and media company, it uses blockchain technology and token-based betting to conduct competitive video tournaments. The company also launched its Ethereum based cryptocurrency UnikoinGold (UKG).

According to Tron’s announcement, Unikrn is launching its cryptocurrency wallet to trade UKGs. The wallet will also be available to Tron’s native cryptocurrency TRX and to some other major coins as well. Justin Young founded Tron in 2017 with the aim to create a “boundary-free decentralized internet that inspires innovation across industries.”

Justin Young believes Unikrn has a unique esports, crypto and gaming focus, and it is one of the coolest crypto-friendly betting platforms on Earth. Justin further added that Platforms like Unikrn would drive the next big explosion in the road to mainstream cryptocurrency adoption.

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