Trader Who Predicted XRP Would Hit $0.13 Thinks This Comes Next

In the middle of February, when the cryptocurrency market (XRP included) was pumping to multi-month highs, emotions were running high; there was a class of Bitcoin investors who expected their favorite orange coin to rocket past its $20,000 all-time high by the time of the halving, as irrational as that may now sound. So, when a prominent crypto trader shared the below chart, depicting that XRP, then at $0.27, was on the verge of falling by 50% towards a “potential long-term bottom” between $0.13 and $0.15, many shunned the sentiment. But, just a month later, his prediction was proven to be correct when XRP hit $0.13 (and wicked as low as $0.115) in the now-infamous Black Thursday crash, during which all global markets saw a massive hemorrhaging of wealth due to fears about the economic impact of the coronavirus. Here’s what he expects to come next. Read More...

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