Tor Developers Pursuing ‘Anonymous Tokens’ to Stop Hacks and DoS Attacks

The privacy-oriented browser Tor (The Onion Router) is researching ways “anonymous tokens” could counter Denial of Service (DoS) attacks – a pressing issue for the network.

Tor has been subject to DoS attacks, degrading its performance. While there are technical fixes Tor has worked to implement, the nature of the network and the anonymity of the traffic on it make it particularly susceptible to DoS attacks.

In August, Tor introduced the idea of using anonymous tokens to counter such attacks, allowing them to differentiate between “good” and “bad” traffic, and to avoid implementing user accounts, which most sites and networks use to identify traffic and bad actors.

During last week’s “State of the Onion” address, when the Tor team gave updates on projects and forecasted new developments for 2021, the team reinforced their interest in developing these anonymous tokens.

“Memory is an amazing thing,” said George Kadianakis, a Tor Network team developer. “It allows us to experience the world, remember the things we’ve been to and remember the nice food we ate. Read More

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