Top Staking Projects of the Crypto World Today

INDX, the Tokenized Masternode Investment Fund, has calculated the top-10 proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchains based on the expected yield of their tokens. The company did this by quantifying the volatility, volume, liquidity, risk and integrity. The tokens appear in order, from one to 10, based on the expected yield, as predicted by INDX’s proprietary algorithm.

Proof-of-stake is a consensus method that states a person can mine or validate block transactions in accordance with the number of coins he or she holds. Some PoS consensus methods also take the age of an asset held into consideration. According to some, PoS provides a smaller possibility for centralization, more security and energy efficiency.

Top-10 crypto staking tokens

1. Pundi-X

Pundi-X has been making waves lately by completing partnerships with key point-of-sale (the other PoS) companies and is well on its way to its goal of bringing cryptocurrency payments to retail.

Pundi-X announced on July 12 that it integrated its crypto payments system into a VeriFone point-of-sale device, as reported by Cointelegraph. By integrating its XPOS crypto payments tool on VeriFone’s X990, an Android-based point-of-sale terminal, Pundi-X is hoping that shops and retail outlets already using the X990 will process cryptocurrency payments in addition to traditional transactions. Read More at CoinTelegraph...


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