Three Years, Three Times the Growth- What is the Secret of Coinbase Growth?

Greatness needs passion. But even the greatest passion roots in certain principles. Coinbase, since its launch three years ago, has tripled in size, business, expansion, and so much more? What is its driving force? It started with tens of engineers, for example, three years ago; and now it is working with hundreds of them. Another example is the platform’s product’s journey from one to six distinct products under its name.

The growth came with challenges-

The Coinbase team discussed the kinds of challenges it faced while walking up the growth graph-

More staff expansion is a good sign, but it also translates to work consistency issues.

There has been a tug of war between the decision of creation and decision of what should be purchased. T

his has especially got highlighted with the increase in the number of products.A mix of different people coming from various cultures across various teams through these three years has lead to varying results

Obviously, the increase in the number of people or responsibilities means more variability. The diversity is a good factor, but the company also says that too much of inconsistencies suppress the capabilities of the team. It then becomes difficult to have any basic work principle or to have a common process to share within different teams. And therefore, the efficiency, collaboration possibilities, quality of the eventual outcome gets compromised.

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