This Crypto is Poised to See an Explosive 50% Rally as Technical Strength Emerges

XRP has seen a notable price climb throughout the past few days, with its price rising in tandem with that of Bitcoin and most other major cryptos. This has led the token up towards $0.20, which appears to be where it faces some intense near-term resistance. Analysts don’t believe that this resistance will hold strong for too much longer, however, as the crypto has been able to form some relative technical strength that is likely to lead it higher in the days and weeks ahead. As for how high this looming rally could lead XRP, one analyst is noting that it could surge over 50% against its Bitcoin trading pair, which would mark a parabolic movement that puts some serious distance between its recent lows.

XRP Taps Massive Resistance Region as Crypto Market Enters Consolidation Phase

Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market have entered yet another bout of sideways trading, which has been primarily rooted in the BTC’s inability to surmount the resistance that it has found within the mid-$7,000 region. Read More...

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