These economic mistakes can trigger Bitcoin adoption on mass level

Before you can understand what drives Bitcoin adoption on mass level, think about the fiats the king of cryptocurrency has achieved so far.

Bitcoin is free from any type of affiliation with tangible assets, and hence, its value depends on factors that are not affected by a rise in material things that are correlated in the world we live in today.

Many countries, including Iran and Venezuela, have turned to cryptocurrency for saving their economy from the doom they seemed fated to. A global financial crisis will not be effecting cryptocurrencies, and yes, that includes the Bitcoin in that list as well.

Government debt taken from international forums is causing the economy of various countries to crush under it. The debt keeps on growing, and the negative interest generated seems to be the grim reaper for the countries passing through such perilous circumstances. The debt in the US could potentially lead to a countrywide crisis.

The stock market that inducts money in the stock market at a feasible interest rate while working off on the debt instead of the resources that go by the natural consumption principal. The stock market can go broke with the sheer number of traders entering the market as companies that rise to the level where buyback schemes allow them to have absolute shares in the market that kick out investors from the market. Read More at Cryptopolitan...


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