The past, present and future of Bitcoin according to Craig Wright

You know you’ve been to a good conference when you leave with loads of interesting bits of information, combined with a better sense of the big picture. On both counts, CoinGeek Toronto was a resounding success. But it’s another measure that I’d say was even more important: there was a palpable feeling of confidence in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) ecosystem and where it’s heading.

At the last CoinGeek conference, in London in November, Jimmy Nguyen, president of the Bitcoin Association had stood on stage to say it was time for Bitcoin to “grow up and professionalise”. In Toronto, although he hadn’t entirely dropped his favourite mantra, he hardly needed it any more. The evidence was all around him.

To pick a couple of examples, almost at random: Cole Diamond, co-founder of CoinSquare, a Toronto startup, talked about using Bitcoin to bring the entire financial services industry onto one platform. The peer to peer lending it enables will reduce the cost of borrowing and mortgages. In case there was any doubt, at the end of his presentation, Cole remarked that “everybody in this room is on the right track”.

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