The Importance of Scaling Layer 1 Blockchain CasperLabs

An Interview with Medha Parlikar CEO of Casperlabs

Tell us interesting details about what you will be working on in collaboration with Ethereum and how it will help Ethereum.

The past 18 months is when I stepped into the blockchain space!  Exciting!  Founded CasperLabs because another project failed to achieve its mission because of bad management.  We are here to discuss how we can scale layer 1 blockchain- and why this is important to do!

We believe that proof of work must be replaced by proof of stake, without centralized control.” As you are aware, Vlad Zamfir is a researcher for Ethereum. When we founded CasperLabs, we did so with the express intent of building a layer 1 solution that is based on the CBC-Casper algorithm. It is natural for Vlad to be involved as a result.

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