The Future of Blockchain According to Turing Award Recipient, Silvio Micali

Turing award recipient, MIT professor, and founder of Algorand, Silvio Micali to attend Asia’s largest blockchain weekly event, ‘Korea Blockchain Week 2019’.

There are many ways to describe Silvio Micali: Professor of MIT, recipient of the Turing Award, or leader of cryptography. Above all, he has been more recently known for founding Algorand, a cryptocurrency platform addressing existing dilemmas of the blockchain industry like decentralization, scalability and security.

Following his visit back in January, blockchain industry’s technology expert Micali is set to make another visit to Korea. He will be attending Asia’s largest blockchain weekly event, ‘Korea Blockchain Week 2019’ on September 27th to discuss blockchain’s current and future state in the decentralized economy.

Silvio Micali’s Take on the Current and Future State of Decentralization

Silvio Micali is scheduled to deliver a keynote on topics like the technological innovation for digital economy on the second day of KBW 2019 at the main conference, D.FINE. It will be a good opportunity to get a glimpse into his insight on the future of the blockchain industry, represented by the next generation. Read More at CoinSpeaker...


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