The Ethereum 2.0 Spec Freeze is Now Imminent

Ethereum 2.0 developers are putting their last touches on what they call “a big milestone towards launch of phase 0” expected today.

“We will be polishing and pushing the last feature PR for freeze now,” Diederik Loerakker, a researcher at the Ethereum Foundation, said this Saturday.

A project keeping track of work required for the spec freeze has ticked all the boxes. Justin Drake, another eth researcher, said:

“The main purpose for a spec freeze is to see the emergence of long-lived cross-client testnets by halting master releases.

We reserve the right to do cosmetic changes (e.g. any state transition change that doesn’t affect hash_tree_root(state)) to the phase 0 spec after the freeze, especially on the dev branch.”

A number of ethereum 2.0 clients have been running on their own testnet for some time, with Nimbus and Lighthouse “acknowledging each other” in the libp2p networking stack earlier this month.

That’s a step towards the full testnet which is expected to come out by Devcon in October where the deposit contract ceremony is to be held.

The actual launch is then targeted for January 3rd 2020. Danny Ryan, an eth dev, said during an eth 2.0 implementers call that “January 3rd is a suggested date not a deadline.” Justin Drake, who came up with this very specific date, said:

“I privately surveyed 3 teams and will let them come forward if they want to. Specifically asked how likely on a scale from 1 to 10 they felt they would be production-ready by Jan 3. The responses were ‘8-9’, ‘6-10’ and ‘3’.” Read More at TrustNodes...


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