The 35 Most Influential Bitcoiners Dominating Crypto Twitter by Follower Count

Twitter has become home to cryptocurrency influencers who use it for evangelism, spreading news, shilling coins, and shaming certain projects. Of course, the more followers a crypto thought leader has on Twitter, the greater their reach and influence. The following is a look at the top crypto Twitter (CT) influencers in 2020 and the number of followers these people have obtained in order to remain a member of crypto’s social media elite.

Crypto Twitter’s Top Luminaries has compiled a list of 35 individuals who leverage the Twitter social media platform to create a buzz about cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. During the last few years, Twitter has outpaced forums like and Reddit, and most community members regularly flock to Twitter now. Newcomers to the crypto Twitter scene will swiftly find out who the top CT personalities are and the platform itself recommends these individuals nearly every day. The following 35 personalities have a lot of Twitter reach.

The following list represents people within the crypto and blockchain industry with at least 100,000 followers. Our list is also compiled of people who use their real identity and we removed anonymous influencers from the list for now. plans to follow up with a second study that includes CT influencers who don’t use their real identity. Crypto’s current Twitter elite with 100,000 followers or more are individuals who have significant reach, which is the number of impressions or engagement a tweet holds.

Heavyweight Mega-CT Influencers – 800,000 to 2 Million

The top of the list belongs to crypto influencers who have 800,000 Twitter followers or more. The amount of reach and engagement is much higher than anyone on this list and these people get thousands of likes and retweets per day. The top crypto Twitter personality is Tron founder Justin Sun who has a whopping 2 million followers. Interestingly, Sun only joined Twitter in August 2017, but since then he’s managed to gather a couple million followers. Read More...

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