Tezos Surpasses EOS for First Time in Crypto History

Tezos, the 10th largest cryptocurrency, has surpassed the price and real volume of EOS, which stands two places higher at number eight. For the first time in crypto’s short, fraught history, Tezos (XTZ)—a cryptocurrency that occupies the number 10 spot on the crypto industry’s list of top 20 tokens—has surpassed EOS, number eight, in volume, price, and value locked in staking.

At the time of writing, Tezos is also trading for $2.75, while EOS is going for $2.73. XTZ’s trading volume yesterday surged to $95 million—a jump of more than 31 percent compared to the previous day. By contrast, EOS’s volume was $34 million, a spike of just over four percent. Read More...

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