Switzerland is Welcoming Yet Another Crypto Hub

Switzerland, already well-known for its crypto-friendly stance, is gearing to develop yet another crypto hub. If the new partnership between crypto valley Zug’s crypto lobbyists and Zurich’s tourism Czars is executed, the valley could soon witness a northward expansion.

More than 150 Blockchain Companies in Zurich

The Swiss city of Zurich boasts of financial traditionalists and also headquarters one-third of Switzerland’s banks. In addition to well-established legal and health services, it is also the home of a large number of tech-minded individuals. The list includes 150 blockchain-related companies.

The rising growth can be attributed to the Crypto Valley Association (CVA) which has been earnestly working to catalyze the growth of Swiss crypto space. The previous month, it put forward 14 different laws for the same.

CVA Executive Director Alexander Schell then said: “We’re not just waiting for things to happen. We’re actively involved in proposing regulation.” Read More...

Switzerland is arguably the most crypto friendly nation


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