Study Reveals Ethereum Has Nearly 5 Times More Development Activity Than EOS

Ethereum has the reputation of being the foremost platform for DApps and smart contract deployment. Other blockchains have emerged that mirror Ethereum with DApps and smart contracts as their primary focus, unlike Bitcoin which is now being considered as a store of value. Although EOS is another prominent platform recognized in this niche, it seems Ethereum remains the preferred choice by developers.

A study by crypto information website Santiment revealed that the development activity on the Ethereum blockchain is 4.5 times greater than on EOS. This has been a consistent trend for the past 12 months according to the study. Looking at a graph of the dev activity for the two platforms, it is clear that Ethereum has been in the lead.

Devs are quitting EOS

The huge gap in developer activity between Ethereum and EOS brings to mind one question – what is responsible for the relatively low activity? The answer is developers are abandoning the platform, according to a report by CoinDesk. There appears to be so much centralization on the network with a few individuals controlling everything that key contributors are seeking greener pastures elsewhere. Read More...


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