Stellar With Its Great Performances Is On Its Way To Be One Of the Top 5 Cryptocurrencies

XLM is one of the most progressive cryptocurrencies and is already in the top 10 list. XLM has showcased incredible performances over the past years. It is already giving tough tiers to LTC and is now holding approx. 4.5 billion dollars as its market cap. This upward drive is not only due to the potential of this crypto but also due to its active market trends.

The most trending news about XLM is that it is renamed as Interstellar with its partnership with IBM. IBM, which relies on Hyper Ledger, is now moving lump sum amount of money with the partnership between VISA and Interstellar. If this partnership goes ahead, then, Visa can use Interstellar blockchain to do its millions of transactions of each day.

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