Stellar’s Hour-Long Shutdown Highlights That The Network Isn’t Decentralized Enough

Stellar blockchain went completely offline on 15th May for a good 67 minutes. The halt was forced by Stellar management itself. In a blog post regarding the shutdown, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) stated that the network faltered because the new nodes took too much consensus responsibility at quite an early stage.

As the news of the halt spread across the crypto-blockchain space, analysts, experts, and enthusiasts, all started to criticize Stellar Platform for lack of decentralization. The fact that a group or a management team can bring the network to a dead halt is enough to realize the heavy centralization prevailing on the blockchain.

This isn’t the first time that Stellar has been accused of centrally controlling the network. Earlier this year, a group of researchers wrote heavy criticisms on XLM and Stellar, for their lack of decentralization.

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