Square Adds Bitcoin Deposits to Their Mobile Cash App

Square’s Cash App has enabled Bitcoin deposits for its users. The app previously offered purchasing, selling and transacting Bitcoin to other addresses. However, judging by user reviews, not all Cash App users have this feature.

Just recently Square's Cash App users started tweeting that the popular payments application has enabled Bitcoin deposits. Although many users show appreciation and gratitude, of course, just as many users say that either their apps haven’t yet got the feature, or that trusting such third parties your Bitcoin as Cash App and similar, is reckless and doesn’t imply on you holding your keys.

However, Cash App has done similar activities in the past. In November 2017, they also allowed several users to buy and sell Bitcoin. Later, they announced this feature to all users. Can we expect a similar course of action?

Additionally, about a week ago, Marty Bent tweeted an image, showing that he can accept Bitcoin deposits on his Cash App. Read More at CoinSpeaker...

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