🎬 Simon Dixon: How to live without a #Bank | PART 1 | #LIVE AMA with Simon Dixon

Watch part 2 of this video on Simon Dixon (co-founder and CEO of ) will guide you through on how to live without a bank.

Last weeks LIVE AMA with Simon Dixon was very popular. It was called "Take your money out of your bank" and within just 3 days over 30K views was achieved. This tells you something about the state of affairs that we are all in. A distrust in the banks and the concerns for many folks out there. Here's the link to last weeks LIVE AMA

So it only seems fit to follow up another LIVE AMA on the subject of how to remove yourself from your bank.

About Simon: Simon Dixon is the CEO & co-founder of online investment platform who have invested over US$850m in FinTech & Bitcoin companies. An ex-investment banker turned Bitcoiner & author of the book 'Bank to the Future'. An active FinTech, Blockchain & Bitcoin angel investor with investments in Bitfinex, BitPay, Coinbase, Kraken, Circle, BitStamp and over 100 others. You will find Simon regularly quoted & appearing in much of the major press & media including BBC, FT, CNBC, Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal to mention a few.

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