Samsung Introduces Phone Chip for Secure Cryptocurrency Storage

Samsung has introduced a new, state-of-the-art chip that will improve the security of its smartphones for storing Bitcoin and Ethereum private keys, helping long-term adoption.

Cryptocurrency Security Sees Boost

Samsung, the largest electronics manufacturer in the world, has announced the introduction of a new security solution designed to protect data stored in on its smartphones.

The company introduced a new chip and optimized software that guards private data by isolating it from other parts of the phone, explained Samsung.

Secure Cryptocurrency Storage

Smartphones have been rapidly evolving, making it hard for adequate security measures to keep up, said Dongho Shin, a senior executive.

The turnkey solution is one of the most secure hardware protections in any smartphone, Samsung said. It is completely tamper-resistant and able to store users’ confidential data completely separate from typical mobile memory, making it less susceptible to exploitation. Read More...

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