Roger Ver Apparently Thinks Bitcoin Cash Value Could Increase 100,000%

On Nov. 4, the Bitcoin Cash proponent and former CEO of, Roger Ver, said that he will send $5 worth of BCH to all of his Facebook friends, which “could easily become worth $5,000 some day” — an increase of 99,900%.

If people are not already part of Ver’s network of Facebook friends, Ver will still send them $1 in BCH, which as well “could easily become worth $1,000 some day.” Ver asked interested parties to post a Bitcoin Cash address below the Facebook post.

Ver, who recently told Cointelegraph that he has been involved in the crypto space since Bitcoin (BTC) was less than $1 per coin, is attracting some attention to his give-away, as he claims that BCH could “easily” see a massive gain of almost 100,000 percent. At press time the post is closing in on 900 comments, with many of them including wallet addresses.

As the current price of BCH sits at $290.88, for one of the recipients to reap the returns purported by Ver, the price would need to shoot up to $290,880 per coin. Ver did not pinpoint a specific date or reason for the astronomical price increase. Read More...

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