Ripple (XRP) Payments Near All-Time-Highs of Dec 2017

A live XRP chart provided by Ripple shows that XRP payments have been on the rise and are nearing to reach highs only seen during the bull run in 2017. This was also noted by Cryptopolis, a quantitative analyst at StrongMarket.

Growth of XRP Payments In 2018/19

A closer look at the XRP chart referenced by Cryptopolis indicates that XRP payments were at a high of 104,653 as of May 22 which is slightly below the highest recorded in 2017 at 118,756 as of Dec 29,2017.

Since the high in 2017, XRP payments have been declining throughout 2018 only to pick up momentum on Sep 21, 2018, where they stood at 52,375. They then dropped only to resurface in January 2019 where they recorded a high of 49,079 on Jan 31, 2019.

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