Ripple Unveils New Ad Dubbed ‘Got It’ Showing How To Power Global Payments

Ripple unveiled a new ad called ‘Got it.’ This official commercial could eventually be displayed on TV according to what users discuss on Reddit.

The ad shows how it is possible to send cross-border payments in fiat currencies in just a few seconds using Ripple’s services.

Ripple Unveils New ‘Got It’ Ad

A few days ago, Ripple released a new official commercial that promotes cross-border payments using their services.

In this ad, it is possible to see how individuals located in different regions around the world can send and receive fiat currencies almost instantly.

In the first scene, it is possible to see what it seems a businesswoman that sends U.S. dollars (USD) to a company in Japan that received Japanese yen (JPY) in just a few seconds.

This shows that Ripple is able to help individuals and financial institutions alike to send payments in fiat currencies using their RippleNetwork. Read More...

Ripple claims to have 'got it' global payments


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