Ripple’s Xpring makes host of updates to XRP ledger and Interledger

Ripple’s Xpring team, which launched as a grant program for projects utilizing the cryptocurrency XRP, has now expanded its remit within Ripple. Xpring now has 32 employees, including nine new engineers, and will be aggressively building out the developer toolkit for the XRP blockchain—making it easier to integrate XRP into applications.

XRP is a cryptocurrency designed for cross-border payments, invented by some of the same staff who work at Ripple. The company uses it for its suite of products aimed at companies regularly making international transactions, making them faster and cheaper—in theory.

Unlike cryptocurrencies run and maintained by decentralized communities (such as Bitcoin and Ethereum) with grassroots support, adoption of XRP has largely been driven by Ripple itself. But it’s trying to encourage more developers outside the company to get involved, introducing it into more platforms and making it more widely used.

To do so, Xpring has created a new platform for testing and building applications involving XRP, simply called the Xpring platform. It’s made up of tools to make developers’ lives easier, such as software development kits, programs to help grow the ecosystem via partnerships with developers, and services designed to provide liquidity (a flow of XRP) for new projects.



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